As you age, your health care needs and risks change. Finding a provider who specializes in adult medicine ensures all factors are considered, including the increased risk of certain diseases and complications that accompany advanced age. The medical providers at First Keller Healthcare specialize in geriatric medicine, treating a wide variety of diseases and conditions, placing particular emphasis on maintaining social wellness and independence for as long as possible. Perhaps most importantly, the team at First Keller Healthcare in Keller, Texas, works diligently to ensure you’re on the right medications and only those that are clinically warranted and safe.

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How does geriatric medicine differ from family practice?

As you age, you experience many physical, social, mental, and emotional changes that are unique to aging.

Your body requires different nourishment and activity levels, you should get screened for various changes and conditions, and the goals of treatment often evolve to maintaining independence and clarity of mind over time.

Not all doctors treat seniors; those who do place special emphasis on the problems, concerns, and goals unique to this population to provide customized, efficient care.

Can I be in the room during my elderly loved one’s appointment?

With the permission of your loved one, you may be present during their appointment. Many older patients choose to bring a friend or family member with for a variety of reasons. At First Keller Healthcare, the priority is always the patient’s preference and comfort.

What conditions are aging patients at higher risk of developing?

Aging patients are at increased risk of many conditions and diseases including diabetes, arthritis, dementia, bladder and kidney problems, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, lung disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart disease, macular degeneration, enlarged prostate, and more.

Your primary care doctor stays abreast on the most effective prevention of disease to ensure optimal health and wellness and early detection when diseases rear their heads.

Which aspects of my health and wellness are being monitored by my doctor?

The team at First Keller Healthcare are passionate about prevention. For this reason, you can expect your doctor to be asking questions about and screening you for a wide variety of changes and problems at every appointment.

Your provider monitors your medication list to ensure you’re taking only the medications you need and that they interact safely with one another. They also monitor your weight and vital signs for signs of risk and paying close attention to your cognition, emotional state, and mobility to identify problems and intervene as early as possible.

How often should I see a doctor?

Annual physicals are a vital component of your care, which means that you should see your doctor at least once a year for your annual care. However, if you’re suffering from any chronic illnesses or taking any medications, more frequent care may be required.

Ask your doctor how often you should come in, and schedule an appointment anytime you have new signs or symptoms that require medical attention.