As your health priorities evolve, our specialized providers in Keller, Texas, ensure that each annual visit goes beyond routine check-ups, offering a personalized roadmap to longevity and vitality. Through our Annual Physical, we focus on disease prevention, health optimization, and the cultivation of a lasting doctor-patient partnership. We prioritize maintaining your social wellness and independence, addressing potential concerns before they escalate.

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What are annual wellness visits?

Annual wellness visits at First Keller Healthcare include medical evaluations that assess your health and whether you need screenings, routine medical monitoring, or treatments. Annual wellness visits support optimal overall health and a better quality of life. First Keller Healthcare offers annual wellness visits for patients and their families, including work, sports, and school physicals.

What happens during annual wellness visits?

Annual wellness visits often consist of the following:

Vital signs check

Your primary care provider weighs you and checks your blood pressure, pulse, and additional vital signs.

Medical history review

The team also discusses your medical history. This includes your medications, dietary supplements, symptoms, lifestyle habits, and family medical history.

Medical exam

During a medical exam, your provider examines your eyes, ears, throat, and breathing. They also listen to your heartbeat and look for signs of possible diseases, illnesses, and injuries.

Health screening

First Keller Healthcare also offers cholesterol, skin cancer, diabetes, pediatric, heart disease, thyroid disorder, nutrient deficiency, and well-women screenings. You might undergo a blood test, urine test, biopsy, tissue swab, heart-function testing, or imaging procedures.


If you need treatment for a medical issue or want preventive medicine, First Keller Healthcare can help. Medical providers offer vaccinations, nutrition and lifestyle health counseling, weight loss management, medication prescriptions, birth control, minor procedures, remote patient monitoring, and more.


In order to promote healthier living and to prevent illness and disease, First Keller Healthcare offers the following Preventive Health Services:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Education
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Exams including Well Woman
  • Exams
  • Annual Physicals
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Height / Weight Check
  • Blood Sugar Tests
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Bone Density (Dexa Scan)
  • Echo Cardiogram
  • EKG