While many doctors focus on diagnosing and treating your health problems, Dr. Victor Burgos and the team at First Keller Healthcare in Keller, Texas focus on preventing these problems from occurring by identifying and minimizing risk factors early. To do this, it’s critical that patients spend time with their provider on a set schedule, even if they feel healthy and aren’t experiencing any signs or symptoms of a disease. For most people, an annual appointment is adequate, but for young children, older adults, and patients with chronic illnesses, periodic checkups may be required more frequently.

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What health screenings are offered at First Keller Health?

First Keller Health is your one-stop shop for health screenings; they offer well child exams, well-woman exams, annual preventive care physicals, school physicals, DOT and immigration exams, and drug screening for your convenience.

How often should I see my doctor?

You should see your doctor as often as they recommend, in addition to any time you need medical care for a new symptom or condition.

For many patients, visits are required once a year. But for patients with chronic conditions, young patients, and older patients, more visits are necessary.

Does insurance cover health screenings?

Wellness visits are most likely covered by your insurance while sports physicals, DOT physicals, drug screening, and immigration exams are not.

However, because every policy is different, the only way to be sure is to contact your insurance carrier’s member services department before your appointment.

The team at First Keller Healthcare can assist you with planning for the cost of your appointment. They can provide information about costs and payment options beforehand.

What lab work will I need during my physical?

Lab work requirements vary based on age, gender, risk factors, family history, medical history, and the kind of exam. It’s common to check hemoglobin and screen for led poisoning in young patients, for example, while a patient in their 20s may not require any lab work at all.

Your doctor can share the most up-to-date recommendations with you and then make decisions about screening based on your medical history, family history, and your personal preference.

Can I have my labs drawn the same day?

If you plan for labs when you schedule your appointment, you can often have them done the same day.

For example, when fasting isn’t required, labs can nearly always be completed the day of your appointment, with or without advanced planning. Perhaps most importantly, all labs are drawn right at First Keller Healthcare for your convenience.