When you need minor surgery, you want a provider you know and trust to perform the surgery and care for you during recovery. For this reason, First Keller Healthcare provides over two dozen minor surgical procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia ranging from skin tag removal to cyst drainage. To learn more about the minor surgical procedures available at your top-choice clinic, contact First Keller Healthcare in Keller, Texas, today.

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Which surgical procedures are provided at First Keller Healthcare?

First Keller Healthcare performs an extensive array of surgical procedures on site, including:

  • Skin tags, skin biopsies, cysts, and abscess drainage
  • Wart and mole removal
  • Biopsy of skin growths
  • Verrucae
  • Cancerous and pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • Anal fissure/lateral sphincterotomy
  • Vulvar biopsy/cervical polyps
  • Leg vein treatment
  • Foreign body removal

First Keller Healthcare performs over two dozen different procedures on site, so this list isn’t exhaustive. Your provider can share more information upon request.

Which factors might require me to have my surgery elsewhere?

If your surgical procedure requires general anesthesia, respiratory assistance, or an overnight stay in the hospital, you need to have surgery in a facility that offers a higher level of support.

However, minor surgery that doesn’t require these elements, such as mole removal or breast biopsy, can be performed right at First Keller Healthcare. They have all the expertise and equipment needed to ensure a complete, comfortable recovery.

How is follow-up care handled?

Your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled before you ever leave the clinic.

You can expect to see the same doctor for your follow-up appointments whenever possible. You’ll receive clear instructions for care at home as well as contact information should questions or concerns arise while you heal from your procedure.

When can I expect biopsy results?

If you’ve had a biopsy taken, results return within seven days. Ask your provider or your nurse for a more specific deadline; they know which tests are occurring and how long they take.

What are the benefits of having minor surgery at First Keller Healthcare?

When you choose First Keller Healthcare, you receive competent care from experienced providers who know you and are familiar with your medical history. Additionally, you receive follow-up care in the same convenient location and always have access to the right people to get your questions answered.

Perhaps most importantly, your care team begins to develop a full picture of your health and wellness history when they’re involved every step of the way, which allows them to make better decisions about your care.