Medical conditions specific to women include everything from heart problems to changes in hormone levels. Come to First Keller Healthcare today for your complete well-woman physical, an essential component of your health and wellness and a critical step in preventing breast, cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. With extensive experience caring for women, the medical providers at First Keller Healthcare in Keller, Texas, approach women’s health as a partnership. They treat a full range of obstetric and gynecologic conditions efficiently and compassionately. Call today or book online to schedule your appointment with Dr. Burgos.

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How often should I schedule an appointment if I’m not having problems?

If you feel healthy and aren’t experiencing any problematic signs or symptoms, you should see your women’s health provider at least once per year for a pelvic exam. They can let you know when you’re due for a pap smear or mammogram; these services may not be required annually depending on your age and family and medical history.

What signs and symptoms might indicate a problem?

The following signs and symptoms might indicate an underlying problem that requires medical attention:

  • Changes in your menstrual cycle
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Itching, burning, redness, or soreness in the genital area
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence or pain when urinating
  • Changes or puckering of your breasts
  • Pelvic pain

What can I expect during my exam?

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll check in at the office and complete some paperwork before being called back to an exam room.

In the exam room, a nurse reviews your current medications, medical history, and family medical history with you. After they finish, your doctor reviews your medical history, asks questions about your health and lifestyle, and completes a breast and pelvic exam.

They might also take a sample of your cervical cells to test them for cancerous or precancerous cells.

Can I choose my provider for women’s health issues?

In most cases, yes. When you schedule an appointment in advance, you can see the provider of your choice.
In urgent situations with little notice, the team at First Keller Healthcare does their best to schedule you with your preferred provider, but when that’s not possible, they provide an alternate physician.

Where will I be sent if I need labs drawn?

First Keller Healthcare understands what a challenge it can be to make health and wellness a priority when life is busy. For this reason, the clinic offers on-site lab services for your convenience.

If your provider orders bloodwork or other labs, you can complete them in the same building while you’re there for your scheduled appointment. Depending on the tests, you may even receive your results before you leave the clinic.